About JEP

Jesus Ever Present is shortened to JEP and is joined to Ministry.  For no ministry is complete without Jesus joined to the ministry.  I want Jesus to be ever present in every aspect of my life and this ministry.

I want Jesus to be with me through the steps of my life.  Not so Jesus will bless the steps that I choose but so Jesus will guide me to take the steps He wants me to take in my life.

JEP began when I would need to initial for things I was picking up for a business I worked for at the time.  As time passed, I realized that as I sign my initials I wanted Jesus ever present in my life, not just hidden in my heart but visible for others to witness and experience.  My attitude was I wanted them to experience at least a small piece of God’s love in the brief encounter I had with them.  The ministry has grown and now reaches farther than just the people I encounter in life on a personal basis.

My desire is to have Jesus present in my life and  my whole heart. The fact is, I’m an avid reader of the Holy Bible.  The year I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and made Jesus the Lord of my life I read the entire Holy Bible 4 times.  In 2007 I read the entire Holy Bible 10 times, in 2012 I read the entire Holy Bible 14 times.  I did not simply read a book, I formed a relationship with God through fellowship while I spent time reading His Word. This relationship is still continuing to grow.  My desire is to help others to shift their approach from simply reading a book to building a relationship with God.

Written by Joyce E Poggensee

Beyond this website I have a presentation to share with others.

(See The Invitation)

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