The Invitation

The Presentation

Come, sit with me……… invitation the Lord can’t resist!

When I sit down to read the Holy Bible I extend an invitation to God.

“Lord, Come, sit with me for a while and tell me about Yourself.”

My quiet time is where I spend time listening for God’s still small voice.  Sometimes we have difficulty hearing the still small voice but God is calling to us.  He wants us to do more than study His Word for wisdom and guidance.  God wants to fellowship with us and build a relationship.  This relationship will encourage and sustain you through your life when things are difficult and will continue to bless you when things seem to be going well.

Unfortunately, we have turned the task of reading the Holy Bible into an act of homework.  Most Christians accept the fact we should read the Holy Bible daily.  The motive can get blurred at times, I believe we should read the Holy Bible daily but not to do homework.  We cannot better ourselves so we are more acceptable to God.  I believe we are to seek God and the Holy Bible is a very tangible way to seek God.  I sit with the right heart, open the Holy Bible and I look for God.  I am not simply looking for God to find where He is in the particular story in the Holy Bible but where God is in my life and in my heart.

God has given me a presentation to share with others.  My hope is for people to shift their approach from doing homework to a time where they fellowship with God through His Word.

If you would consider a guest speaker for your church service, Bible Study, meeting or event at your church or retreat, the presentation,

“Come, sit with me……… invitation the Lord can’t resist!”

This message can be adapted to fill your ministry need.  Many Christians read the Holy Bible daily because they are supposed to.  Reading the Holy Bible daily is what Christians believe they are supposed to do.  I want to help people to remove the task of homework from their walk with Christ and overcome the obstacles which cause them to miss the opportunity to fellowship with God.  I want to help people begin to build a stronger and more powerful relationship with God.

Written by Joyce E Poggensee