The Introduction

The Sword.  God has provided you a sword!  He understands every trial you are going through and He does not leave you defenseless.  Many people are familiar with the armor of God.  Many people do not wear the armor.  Reasons may vary but the results are the same: injured and weary people.  These are God’s people yet they can appear nearly abandoned by God.  The excuses sound valid and familiar to our ears and hearts but they are not founded.  God was present encouraging and guiding them.  The voice speaking to them was not loud and boisterous demanding to be heard.  The voice is the still small voice heard before the beginning of time.

In ancient times the sword was a formidable weapon.  Due to the connection with being powerful God uses the sword to convey the power the Holy Bible can be in your life.  The book is not simply a story about the past and a list of dos and don’ts, but an invitation to a powerful relationship with God and also a more meaningful and productive life for you.  God has created you for a wonderful life, a life that you cannot achieve on your own.  He must simply be included, we are powerless without Him to be successful.  Successful may seem apparent on the outside but in the heart is where there is peace and satisfaction.

We are to seek God yet the world offers so many other alternatives to seek.   God has provided the Holy Bible to be a weapon we are to use in our lives.   Any seasoned warrior approaches his arsenal cautiously, choosing weapons they are familiar in handling, weapons they consider reliable and trustworthy.  The Holy Bible can seem so vast many Christians are unaware how to pick scripture up as a sword.  As we go through life we can be hit by some things that make us feel powerless God wants to change that for you.

You will be able to learn to wield the sword in a manner to resist and strike down the attacks you face. Here you will receive training which will begin to bring these weapons to the full power that God wants them to have in your life.

written by Joyce E Poggensee

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