Spending time with God is like how people react to being in the room with a famous person.

The first person knows the celebrity is in the room and that’s enough. They just want to be at the party so they can tell people they were there.

The second person reacts somewhat like the first person except occasionally they try to catch the celebrity’s attention by waving and smiling from a distance.

The third person keeps their focus on the celebrity but doesn’t want to intrude or bother them.

The fourth and final person goes up the celebrity and engages them in conversation.  This person shares their comments but is eager to listen to the celebrity share their thoughts, building a relationship.

The way we approach God is not so different.

The first person is just glad there is a God and they tell people they are a Christian.

The second person is again much like the first but will say a quick prayer at times and grace before they eat. They hope they can catch God’s attention so God thinks of them.

The third person has their focus on God, enjoys church and Christian events but feels unworthy so they keep their distance from God.

The fourth person knows they want to have a relationship with God and are willing to seek God listening for His still small voice.

What God wants is a real relationship with you.  How many of you have a real relationship with someone you never spend quality time with?  It just doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen with God either.  God wants to build a relationship with you, this only happens when you spend time alone with Him.

Written by Joyce E Poggensee