The Enemy, Part 2

A Sword.   We now realize our enemy is not our parent, sibling, spouse, ex-spouse, child, friend, neighbor, coworker, customer, boss, or unkind stranger you meet on the road or pathway.  We have been blinded by our misinformation.  We will never advance in our battle while we continue to injure each other.  The adversary is the source of the attack on us, when we strike blows to each other the adversary has his cause forwarded not halted.

In order to be victorious in our battle we must simply stand our ground.  That ground is at the foot of The Cross.  Each time we are told a lie we look at The Cross and strike back with the Sword.    When our focus is on Jesus paying the price for our actions and thoughts, we are not easily deceived.

We cannot pick the adversary out of a lineup because he has chameleon like qualities.  If we could easily identify the adversary we would want to strike him with one blow of our Sword and establish victory forever.  This does take place but not by our hand.  This takes place when you are changed from being on earth and go into eternity with Christ.

Hopefully, some of the fog has lifted and you can see a little clearer.  The adversary always hides in the shadows.  His plan always is planted in lies.  If the adversary were to step into the Light, we would not be easily deceived.

Because we cannot get a visual on the opponent we must use our Sword in another manner and that is protection.  When we stand fully protected, with the full armor of God, we can stand confidently.   We have the armor to protect ourselves as we bring the messengers into our camp.

We are not to strike the messengers and the adversary is not a viable target, so what are we to slay with the Sword.  We are to strike down the temptations that strike at us.   Jesus was at a weak point physically when he demonstrated how to use the Sword.  He had the temptations before Him, using the Sword, He struck the temptations down.

We are to learn to strike our temptations down as our training continues.

Written by Joyce E Poggensee

(Matthew 4:1-11)

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