The Weapon

A Sword.  The Word of God is our sword to defend ourselves against the attacks of the adversary.  These attacks will come in the form of lies and is how the adversary threatens us.  These lies are how the adversary plans to cause us to lose our defense allowing the adversary to gain access to our heart.

We will familiarize ourselves with the different parts of the sword for it is difficult to utilize any weapon   when we are unfamiliar with its structure.  There are two basic parts to a sword; the blade and the hilt.  The blade is of no use without the hilt and the hilt is of no value without the blade.  The blade runs the entire length of the sword, the portion of the blade under the hilt is called the tang. The blade continuing through the entire sword gives it stability and strength.

The hilt is made up of the cross-guard, grip and pommel. The hilt is crucial the blade can be sharp and powerful but if we have no means to maneuver the blade it becomes useless. The cross-guard aides in protecting our grasp on the hilt.  We are to wield the sword and the cross-guard reminds us there is a barrier around our connection which protects our grasp on the Word.  The grip upon frequent holding will mold to your hand.  The pommel secures the tang to the hilt and due to its weight can act as a counterbalance for the weight of the visible portion of the blade.

The blade can be thought of as God’s presence in our lives He is there for the entire length of our life wanting to guide and protect.  Psalm 139 describes how involved God is in our lives.  The Old Testament can be compared with the visible portion of the blade with the New Testament being represented by the tang where are lives are covered by the blood of Christ. The blade is the truth which can render a lie powerless.

The grip represents how firmly we hold onto the Word as the attack is advancing.  The grip is where we can securely hold the Sword to move in any direction we need.  The pommel helps us to stay balanced and secures us to God all of our life.

We are to take our stance at the foot of The Cross as we do this we are to remember in this battle the victory is already ours.

Your use of the sword will require daily practice.  As you fellowship with God through reading  His Word, God will guide you to see how the verses before your eyes can deflect the accusations thrust at your life

Weapons are most effective when they are familiar in your hand, they feel like an extension of your arm.  With the Word of God when we have spent time in the Word we can feel the words of promise and hope connecting and becoming a part of us. A sword is less effective when it is thrown like a knife.  You must remain in contact with the Sword to be most effective.

We gain this connection when we spend time in the Word.    This cannot be achieved by simply going through a devotional book.   Devotionals are great for inspiring but they are not meant to replace meaningful time reading your Holy Bible seeking God.  Our lives can become cluttered leaving the sword hidden from view and as we sense the attack we are rendered defenseless.  Choosing to claim the Sword daily will keep us focused on the location of the Sword in your life and heart.  God wants you to fellowship with Him by spending time alone with Him while you read His Word.  We are to protect our heart and yield our whole heart to God.  This allows you to experience God’s deep satisfying love which will help you to love God at a deeper level.

Written by Joyce E Poggensee


Psalm 139,    John 3:16,    Ephesians 6:17,    Hebrews 4:12,    John 19:30   Jeremiah 29:12-14

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